Domestic HydroMassage Jets

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Bath Hydromassage Available Colors

Balboa bath jets are available in a multitude of colors, finishes and sizes.
You can choose from a small 2 inch jet to a large 3.5 inch jet for your perfect comfort.

• Easy design makes installation effortless
• Simple design allows for maximum efficiency
• Works with a wide variety of plumbing configurations
• Available in a variety of colors and finishes
• All our jets are engineered, designed and manufactured in USA

Please click on one of the images below to view our jet collections.

almond_AL biscuit_BC black_BK bone_BO bone021 brown_BWN classicBone_CB classicWhite_CW grey_GRY iceGrey_IG innocentBlush_IB metallicGrey plasticChrome_PC ruby_RB silentLinen_LA white_WH


NEW! Slimline® Jets
Ultra smooth,
all stainless steel

Micro/Macro And DUO Jets
Back Jets, Non-Adjustable

Builder, Trimline™
And Budget™ Jets
Side Jets, Non-Adjustable

Micro V Jet™
Back Jets, Flow-Adjustable

Adjustassage™ Jets
Side Jets, Flow-Adjustable
V Jet™
Side Jets, Flow-Adjustable
V Jet™
Side Jets, Non-Adjustable
Trans-Adjustable™ Jets
Side Jets, Flow-Adjustable