The SpaTouch1
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The Home Screen


Icon Specifications (more info click here)

1. H = High Temperature Range

2. R = Ready Mode

3. F1 = Filter Cycle 1 Running

4. O3 = Ozone Running

5. C = Cleanup Cycle

6. Wi-Fi Signal Indicator

7. Lock Indicator Icon

8. Invert Screen

9. Light Icon = Turns On/Off

10. Music Icon = Press To Enter Music Screen

11. Message Waiting Indicator

12. Set Temperature Up

13. Spa Equipment Control Icon

14. Temperature Scale (F/C) 

15. Current Water Temperature

16. Settings Icon

17. Heat Indicator 

18. Set Temperature Down

Control Panels and Menu Size Specifications



Product Order Specifications

 Material No.  Descriptions
50584  Panel Balboa spaTouch1™ Trapezoid no Overlay
50585  Panel Balboa spaTouch1 Trapezoid with Overlay
50586  Panel Balboa spaTouch1™ Square no Overlay
50587  Panel Balboa spaTouch1™ Square with Overlay
50588  Panel Balboa spaTouch1™ Oval no Overlay
50589 Panel Balboa spaTouch1™ Oval with Overlay


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Icons Specifications

1. LetterH = High Temperature Range.   LetterL = Low Temperature Range.

2. Ready = Ready Mode.  ReadyInRest = Ready And Rest Mode.  Rest = Rest Mode.

3. Filter1 = Filter Cycle 1 is running.  Filter2 = Filter Cycle 2 is running.  Filter_1_2 = Filter Cycle 1 and 2 are both running.

4. O3Icon = Ozone is Running. If you don't see the icon that means the Ozone is OFF.

5. LetterC = Cleanup Cycle is Running. Note: Not all systems that can run a Cleanup Cycle display this icon.

6. Wifi  = Wi-Fi icon just indicates that the Wi-Fi link is connected.  It does not indicate signal strength. Note: Not all systems that support Wi-Fi display this icon.

7. Lock Icon:
When displayed, indicates the panel is in a locked mode. To unlock or lock a setting or panel lock, first press the corresponding icon on the Lock Screen then press the word "Lock" for 5+ seconds until the text and icon change to the opposite state.

There are 2 lock icons that can be shown on the title bar of most screens.  A tall skinny one Padlock2 representing a settings lock is applied.  It is shown on screens that are affected by the settings lock.  And the standard lock icon Padlock which represents the Panel being locked.  If both settings and panel are locked, only the panel lock will show since the settings lock doesn’t do much in that situation.  When the panel is locked, the Settings Screen will only show items not affected by that lock (System Info and Lock Screens).

8. Invert  = Invert (or flip) Screen.

9. Lights_Active  = Light is turned ON.  Lights_Inactive = Light is Inactive.  Lights_Disable   = Light is Disabled.

10.  Music_Active = Music is Active.  Music_Inactive = Music is Inactive.  Music_Disable = Music is Disabled.

11. Message Waiting Indicator:
The Message Waiting Indicator will show one of the following icons:

Error = Fatal error (Spa can’t function until it’s fixed)

Warning = Normal Error or Warning

Reminder = Reminder Message

Information = Information Message.

Some messages will include the “Call for Service” text as it requires a service technician to fix the problem. If the panel is locked and a message alert appears,
you will be taken to the Lock Screen (where you will need to Unlock the panel) before you can clear the message.

Touching the Error/Warning/Reminder/Info Icon on the Message Screen will take you to the System Information Screen to allow for troubleshooting over the phone
or for a field service tech to better understand what is going on.  Exiting the System information Screen will take you back to the Message Screen in that situation.

12. arrowUpAdjust set temperature higher. 

13. Jets_Active  = Spa Equipment Control Icon. Brings up  a screen where the spa jets, blower or other equipment can be controlled.  While on the Spa Equipment Screen, you can press a Jets button once for low speed, and if configured press it again for high speed.  Jets_Inactive  = Jet is Inactive. Indicates if a pump is running or not.

14. Indicates if the temperature is in  Degrees_F  = Fahrenheit or  Degrees_C = Celsius.

15. Current water temperature if  Degrees_F  or  Degrees_C is solid; set temperature if  Degrees_F  or  Degrees_C is flashing.

16. Setting Icon.  Settings_Active = Settings is Active.  Settings_Inactive = Settings is Inactive (when the panel is locked). Takes you to Settings Screen

17. Heat1 Heat2 Heat4  Different animation sequences, including blinking, may indicate different stages of heating.

18. arroeDownAdjust set temperature lower 

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